5 Myths about Tankless Water Heater

5 Myths about Tankless Water Heater

Are you considering swapping your conventional water heater for a tankless water heater in Jensen Beach Florida? If so, you may have some questions and concerns regarding if this is the right decisions for you and your home. Unlike your traditional water heater, the tankless heater is rather space-saving and supplies endless amounts of water. Aside from the many benefits of the TWH, confusion still surrounds this newly innovative way of living. Here are some common misconceptions about tankless water heaters to help determine if this investment is right for you.

Isn’t Cost-Effective

One common misconception is that TWH cost more to operate but they actually save a lot of money in the long run and have a lower operating cost and longer life, meaning that their service life is twice as much over a traditional heater. The Energy Factor or EF on a normal water heater tank can be as low as 60 but tankless water heaters are in the mid-80s. TWH are up to 25 percent more efficient that your average heater.

TWH Don’t Provide Enough Water

Another myth that seems to float to the surface is one that paints an inefficient picture that TWH don’t provide enough water and only the traditional tanks hold an adequate amount. In-flowing cold water cannot keep the out-flowing water at a consistency. TWH are designed to keep the out-flowing water at a constant temperature, thus being able to provide enough water in the tank.

TWH Can be Dangerous when Heated

This misconception stems from the temperature of heater water in the tankless water heater being scalding hot, thus causing a hazard. This myth is actually quite opposite and comes from the traditional water heaters overheating the stored water to that there is enough hot water with the influx of cold water. TWH are safe than traditional water heaters because they only heat the water slightly above the desired temperature.

Every TWH is the same

Aside from the obvious fact that all tankless heater are, well, ‘tankless’, each one of them differ in prospect. Of course, some brands will rank hire than others, offer an increase of firepower, and are easier to install. The only way to find out if you’re getting what you need is to hire a local expert to do the dirty work for you because that’s what they do best! You will have a variety of brands and deciding on what will fit your budget and act as functional as possible, expert advice is highly recommended.


TWH Needs Annual Maintenance

You can breathe a little easier knowing you don’t have to pencil an inspection for this unit. Unlike your dental or doctor appointments, surprisingly enough your TWH is one system that doesn’t require an annual inspection! This doesn’t mean that you should neglect to inspect your TWH often, but as long as you know that your calcium and magnesium compounds aren’t creating hard water, you only need to get this inspected case-by-case as there is no set schedule.


These 4 common myths are debunked; however, ask your local contractor for more details on the tankless water heater and if this is right for you.

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