Leaky faucet? Damaged pipes? Whatever the problem is, we can repair it. Our team of technicians are well versed in identifying problems with your plumbing and providing a solution. Do not delay! Plumbing damage can quickly lead to water damage, which leads to mold contaminating the household and creating a wide range of other problems. If you are in need of repairs, contact us today!


If you’re planning on remodeling your bathroom or kitchen, make sure you contact us first! Remodeling requires consideration of where the pipes are now and where you want them to be when you are done. Our teams can provide advice on bathroom and kitchen arrangements and plumbing adjustments to make sure your plumbing works after the remodeling is done.


Have you recently purchased a new toilet, sink, shower, or other plumbing fixture and you are lost on how to install it? Call the experts at Sailfish Plumbing and we will help you with installing that new equipment. We provide top-notch installation of plumbing related fixtures and equipment so you can enjoy your purchase right away.