Drains & Water Lines

Our company can help you with all your piping needs. Whether you have a leak or you need your home re-piped. we are here to help you find a solution to the problem and get it fixed.


Every home produces waste water from kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms. The waste water gets transported to either a city sewer line or a septic tank. There is a system of pipes that leads the waste water to your sewer system or septic tank. These pipes are usually made of plastic material such as PVC and are connected with joints and fittings that can possibly get clogged. We can clean 0ut your drains, lift toilets to clean out, and access the clean-out assembly located just outside the building when needed.

Water lines:

Water pipes are what deliver water from your well or city water into your home and your sprinkler system. These pipes are usually in walls or buried and are pressurized. All these lines are susceptible to leaks which in some cases can be difficult to locate. This is where Sailfish Plumbing can lend a helping hand and take a closer look to help located those pesky leaks. Leading water pipes can lead to water damage, low water pressure, and most of all wasting and increasing your water bill. We can repair and/or replace the hot and cold water lines in your home.