Tubs & Showers

Bathrooms can range from all the bells and whistles to no frills, but the most important part about a bathroom is having GOOD PLUMBING! Tubs and showers are all tied together into your sewer system and we need them to stay clean and in proper working order. There are many components to a shower system, hot & cold water lines, drainage and don’t forget your fancy shower heads. Many things can also go wrong such as, leaking pipes and shower heads, cracked tubs, and clogged drains.
This can all be a pain to deal with, but it can all be handled properly and quickly with Sailfish Plumbing. We can help with all this and more including new installations and replacements. There are several common Shower and Tub designs such as:

  • Stand Alone Showers
  • Shower Tub Combo’s
  • Hot Tubs- mostly located outside
  • Jacuzzi Tubs
  • Walk- In Tubs – these are great for disabled or elderly people, can be equipped with safety bars, none slip floors and seats.